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During our last visit @ Rough Trade (http://www.roughtrade.com) in London, our eyes stopped in front of a very particular title “Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group”…..we were immediately attracted by it and we definitively wanted to know more….

Not that we wanted to create ourself a band, we just wanted to discover all these strategies, hidden to many 🙂

Everything starts with a seance, where the biggest rockstars ever existed (from Jim Morrison to John Lennon), discuss with Ian ( F. Svenonious- the author) their experience in making and growing rock n roll bands.

It is not enough supernatural for you? Priceless interviews that are opening the doors to a very special insight on the magic world of rock.

Do not think that this book will give you shortcut on how to become rich and famous….NOT AT ALL!…. it is totally opposite…..it will open your eyes on the things to do and the mistakes to avoid.

You will go through the initial disgrace, determining goals, selecting the group name, practice and rehearsal, van, label ,sex , drugs, media, performance, discipline and much more!!

Will you be able to make it? That depends on you; the book in its very special way, will give you a lot of precious suggestions…….you will have to capitalise on them!

The author, Ian F. Svenonius, is a rocker and frontman of different bands from Washington DC, lately of Chain And The Gang.


Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group – Akashic Books – Ian F. Svenonius – 2012

Cover Design:Dan Osborn

Photo :Eva Moolchan

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