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Following up on Tess Posner’s debut EP, ‘One Thousand Petals, ‘Supernova‘ tells the story of a woman who, through the trauma of nearly dying at the hands of her abusive partner, realizes the strength of her power. Its lyrics center on finding a place deep inside of ourselves with the strength to speak out about abusers or oppressors: “You can try to hurt me but I am bigger than you ever imagined, and my inner strength is like the brightness of 10 billion suns.”

Tess is releasing this new single on International Women’s Day 2019 (March 8) as a message of hope for the one in three women who have experienced or will experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.

Tess Posner is a singer/songwriter from Oakland, CA. She melds a fusion of electronic and pop influences with deeply personal lyrics to create universal themes around power, trauma, transformation, and female empowerment. In her day job, she is a social entrepreneur working to bring diversity and equity into technology, and runs an international nonprofit.

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