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How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs? 

In general, I write a lot. Many of the lyrics come from any of a few active notebooks / word documents / phone notes that I add things to every day. When I’m writing lyrics for Bizou I try to focus on the mood of the instrumentation and fit the words to it. Sometimes the reason for a word being in a certain place is just that it sounds good in the song. It always starts out as free association until I play around for a while and try to hone in on a theme.


In your opinion, what is the most important thing in songwriting? 

For me, the objective in songwriting is to gather any and all available musical resources in the service of something you want to communicate. A bad metaphor would be like setting up a joke for a punchline.

Are you ever scared of revealing aspects of your personal life/experience to strangers through your music?

Oh god, definitely. It both sucks and is rewarding to be vulnerable.


What is the best lyric that you ever wrote (the most meaningful for you)?

There is a song we have called ‘Scars’ and the lyric I like most to it is “I thought you should be the one to twist the knife in me.” It just flows nicely? About as nicely as anything bearing that sentiment could.


What inspired “Superstition”, your newest single? 

Anxiety! My number one muse.


And “Call of the Wild”?

Have you ever watched the Witch? The last scene of that movie inspired the lyrics.


What are your plans for the upcoming months?
We’re going to be playing a ton– (hopefully in a city near you) — and releasing 2 EPs, in the spring and fall.

To conclude the interview a short Q/A session, please answer the first thing that comes to your mind:

  • Define in one word your new song “Superstition”: Paranoia.
  • The best show you ever played: The first show with Bizou was really exhilarating. I had no idea what I was doing. I spilled a lot of water on myself. My band thought I was going to be electrocuted. The trick you can only do once!
  • The one thing that you must have in your backstage: Red wine.
  • The soundtrack of your childhood: A mishmash of the soundtrack to Moonwalker and the soundtrack to The Labyrinth.
  • Your favorite song lyrically speaking, but not written by youThis is going to sound cheesy but I love the lyrics to Pretty in Pink by the Psychedelic Furs. “The one who insists he was first in the line is the last to remember her name,” is a messed up lyric. I like a lot of their one-liners but that one in particular gets me.
  • Last question is “unusual”, we want to know your best relationship advice: I am what you could call a romantic fatalist, so definitely not the best counsel on the subject… Is “you‘re probably doomed”… advice???
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