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Surf-N-Burn  the bodacious debut record by the Blue Stingrays – has rocked, rattled and rolled since its original 1997 release on Epitone Records. Now twenty-four years later and long out of print, Epitone will re-release this classic surf rock album on vinyl on September 24.

Upon its original release, the members of Blue Stingrays were touted as iconic yet anonymous surf rock pioneers. Now, after decades of whispers and speculation, the identities of these mysterious musicians have been officially confirmed as guitarist Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers/Fleetwood Mac/The Dirty Knobs), bassist Ron Blair (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) and drummer Randall Marsh (Mudcrutch).

Like those who roamed the globe and found the perfect wave, Blue Stingrays nailed the perfect sound when their first twang rang ‘round the world on their now legendary debut. To quote the original Surf-N-Burn vinyl jacket sleeve: “The most profound expression of the human condition ever communicated through art, the passion in man’s soul expressed through surf guitar and captured on record!”

Over the past two plus decades, wave breakers and beach combers alike have demanded that the genius swell of sound that is Surf-N-Burn become available again. California’s Epitone Records are happy to oblige. A vinyl-only re-issue of Surf-N-Burn will be released on September 24 on standard black vinyl, a trans blue color in indie retail stores and blue dream splash on the band’s webstore. Pre-order the album HERE. Also out now is “Grits and Eggs”, a previously unreleased song from the Surf-N-Burn sessions. A rippling tide of blown out breeze, listen to it HERE.

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