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how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

with an ink pen and notepad, in various states of mind. I haven’t found a perfect time and place and I’m not looking for that.


tell us more about your new album  “Surfeit of Gemutlich”……

The title is another slight at the dartboard like our EP was. Musically, it’s more mystical I guess.

what inspired “magkukulam”?

Savage Republic. Genuine and trustworthy friends of mine over the years, and the onset of a significant spike of social discord in our country.


and “Wrapped”?

Wrapped was drunk thoughts on people’s lust for success and dominance (or even relevance) in the entertainment industry and the social agendas they’d get wrapped up in.

This was when I only saw the negativity in this and would amble around alone in Hollywood.

Of course I was frustrated with myself and the idea of having control was still attractive.


what is the best verse you ever wrote?

“you’ll just know it when you hear it”


and the one of your favorite song?

“you’ll hear it when you know it”


what does music mean to you?

Just your average language- not shit, really.


do you remember the day you wrote “The Pits”?

Not the date, but I remember driving to work, snapping out of a spell of  some situational misery.


what makes you happy in life?

Mexican food.


what is the best thing of being on tour ?

Farting in harmony with friends.




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