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quitterthe new single from Sydney Sprague is streaming now on all digital platforms (HERE). Call it a “classic break up song” if you will. “I started writing it on my way home from band practice one night, which happened to be on the same street as my ex-boyfriend’s house” says Sydney. “We had just broken up and I didn’t know if I made the right call. Part of me was hoping I would run into him (figuratively, not with my car). Everything in my life was changing, and my instinct was to run back to safety, but I couldn’t forget all of the reasons I left. This song is about having that internal debate, scream-singing along to Phoebe Bridgers out your car window, feeling the hot wind on your face, and letting go of the wheel…metaphorically, of course”. The song is taken from her upcoming album ‘maybe i will see you at the end of the world’ out February 26, 2021 through Rude Records. Pre-order it HERE.

Her songs and music videos for “object permanence”, “staircase failure and stevehave grabbed the attention of various media outlets, who steadily keep Sydney’s songs in their New Music Friday highlights of the week.

Sydney Sprague makes music for the end of the world. With everything seemingly imploding in on itself, there’s one thing we can all try to be: authentic, and that’s the one word that best describes Sydney’s songwriting. There’s a connection felt immediately between Sydney and the listener. She’s able to vocalize everything everyone can’t put into words sometimes, and holds a rhythm that blurs the line between melancholy and elation.

maybe i will see you at the end of the world” Tracklist:

1. i refuse to die
2. object permanence
3. steve
4. you have to stop
5. quitter
6. staircase failure
7. wrongo
8. what u want
9. time is gone
10. end of the world


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