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Sylar are pleased to announce that they will release their new album Seasons on October 05th through Hopeless Records.

To herald the album’s release, the band debuted the juggernaut new single “All Or Nothing” on Tuesday, August 7. Yesterday, the band has shared the video for the track, which pulsates with rhythmic and anthemic swagger and is driven by an impenetrable groove.

“All Or Nothing” is now available as an Instant Grat for fans who pre-order Seasons via iTunes. It’s also available via Spotify, and Apple Music. D2C pre-orders are live here.

“It’s been a long time coming and we’ve been looking forward to this day for a while now,”said singer Jayden Panesso. “We’re really excited to welcome you all to our new chapter.”

Jayden Panesso — Vocals
Dustin Jennings — Guitar
Miguel Cardona — Guitar/Vocals
Travis Hufton — Bass
Cody Ash — Drums

1. “Seasons”
2. “All Or Nothing”
3. “No Way”
4. “Wait For You”
5. “SHOOK!”
6. “Winter (Interlude)”
7.”Open Wounds”
8. “Giving Up”
9. “sickminded”
10. “Same Dance”
11. “Doubt Me”


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