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RYL: We love your last single “T.O.W.I.C.S”, can you tell us what is the meaning behind its lyrics (and its title 😉 )?

WE ARE CARNIVORES (https://www.facebook.com/WeAreCarnivores/info): Ohhhhhhhh you know what, the names that people come up with are much better. We had loads of guys in the TBFM internet radio forum riffing some good ideas.

Our fave was “The Only Way Is Crab Slapping”. Another radio DJ decided to make up his own title and christened it “The Only Way I Can See”. So people are pretty close riiiiiiiight; The Only Way Is Chelsea Shore.

It’s a real clever acronym you see. It’s about this ubiquitous, cringey voyeurism of social elites that we have slapped all over everything we ever look at. Even crabs. Slapped on crabs. Crab slappers. 

Our mainstream media (yeah, yeah, here we go) is increasingly blurring the lines between actual news and trite celebrity merry-go-round relationship bollocks.

This song is about what we reckon could be the consequences of not being aware of the real, important issues that affect us as people nobbing about trying to get by on this planet both immediately, and in the long run.

While people become immersed in the world of greasy-looking orange people and their own reflections, those surreptitious chaps that are supposed to be representing us are sweeping sketchy new laws through the rearest of doors while nobody’s looking!

RYL: Are you preparing the release of a new album? When it will be released?

WE ARE CARNIVORES: WE SURE ARE, RYL. It’s a six-track EP called Tex-Mexiconomy and it’s going to be released soooooooooooooooon (say it like the Emperor in Star Wars).

We actually recorded and produced the whole EP ourselves at our Carnivore Mansion with just one microphone. It was more DIY than Handy Andy giving himself a hand shandy, and just as sexy.

RYL: The EP “So Distasteful” has been released 18 months ago; now would you change some parts of it?

WE ARE CARNIVORES: We wouldn’t change a thing, RYL, stop trying to make us get all introspective and worry about stuff jheeeeeeeeeeeez. It’s definitely going to be interesting to look back over our releases, trace our own musical trajectory and see how we change over our career. Our eyeballs are facing forward!


 RYL: 🙂 OK , we will try 🙂

RYL: Our favorite song is “In Limbo” can you tell us more about its lyrics?

WE ARE CARNIVORES: I (Harry) started writing it about one of my best pals that was going through a bit of a turbulent time with his relationship and not knowing where to go with it. It’s about sitting on a fence, there’s grass everywhere and it all looks the same.

What do you do in that situation? You have to bomb off on one side and go all in, right? So it’s about doing the exact opposite and tying yourself in excruciating knots, ‘cause that’s always what ends up happening!

RYL: how do you, usually, write the lyrics of your songs?

WE ARE CARNIVORES: I (Harry) usually sit down and bosh out the bulk of a song using a song title we’ve already come up with as a stimulus, then I’ll show ‘em to the l4dz for some opinions and general top notch critiquing.

We’ve got a big ol’ list of song titles that need to be turned into songs; a couple I’m looking forward to writing are “You Can’t Argue With Sharks” and “Asbestos in the Bell Tower”. I don’t know what they’re going to be about yet but I have some good feelings for these.

RYL: Which is the best verse you ever wrote?

WE ARE CARNIVORES: We got ‘totalitarianism’ into the 2nd verse of our song “Are We Allowed To Just Live?” (off the coming EP), that’s 8 syllables yeah! In fact we got lots of big fancy words into that verse and we feel real smart arsey about it.

RYL: Do you remember the day you wrote “Pretty Clever”?

WE ARE CARNIVORES: We’d been maxing out the gravity in our hyperbolic time chamber, rocking abdominal supersets and following it up by squatting blue whales on Jupiter, to get that extra balls deep burn.

We’d also been working out our minds using next level meditation techniques and steamy hot yoga, so it sort of just fell out of a packet of Hobnobs.

RYL: You will be on tour in October….which is the best gig you ever done?

WE ARE CARNIVORES: Fo’ sho’ it’s our EP launch show in Hull for So Distasteful. It was the same day we were announced in the final 15 of Red Bull Download, we’d just been in Kerrang! and had just released our first ever music video. All these things came together like we were some sort of marketing masterminds but to be honest we really just jammed them coming together and it stacked up some buzz for us. It was super duper late on a Tuesday night and we weren’t even sure if anyone was going to stick around to watch us, but the room filled up when we got on stage and it was pretty humbling. It sounds so lame and cliché and cheesy but we weren’t even sure if anyone was fussed, so to have everyone turn out to support us like that definitely gave us a bit of a lob-on.

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