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Multi-instrumentalist and global wunderkind, Tash Sultana has released a brand new song ‘Harvest Love’, taken from the forthcoming debut album ‘Flow State’. The beautiful song is accompanied by an intimate live video, recorded in Tash’s bedroom.

‘Harvest Love’ strips Tash’s sound back to its raw, emotional core – a stark contrast to some of her previous releases which can feature up to 10 instruments (all of which are performed by Tash).

Tash Said: “I wrote this song a little while back. People kind of assume that I only write songs with live looping but I actually write in all different ways. This is a piece I’m super proud of. I unlocked a little part of me to completely simplify the story I was trying to tell. I think you kind of get that way when you have a moment in your life when the entire world is just to hard to comprehend. So this is what came from that.”

The video echoes Tash’s beginnings in music, as a bedroom recording of the song ‘Jungle’ was a staggering viral success, shooting Tash into the public eye. To date it has received over 21 million views on YouTube.

In September Tash will head to the UK and Europe for an extensive sold out tour including three nights at O2 Academy Brixton (two of which have already sold out) equating to over 15,000 tickets. This makes Tash Sultana the first ever artist to play three (nearly sold out) shows at Brixton prior to a debut album release!

All of the songs on the album ‘Flow State’ are produced, written, performed and arranged by Tash herself. She plays every one of the 15 instruments and sounds that feature throughout, including saxophone, pan flute, grand piano and guitar to name a few.


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