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Pop-punk band Telltale are excited to share their new single, “Won’t Be Me”, out now via SharpTone Records. Buy/stream HERE.

‘Won’t Be Me’ was the first song we wrote before going into the studio to track “Timeless Youth.” I started with just me and an acoustic guitar handed down from my father, sitting on my bed, with the world closing in” shares vocalist John Carter. “I was scared to ask for help, to let anyone else in on the war raging in my head and to confront the truth of my bipolar and anxiety disorders. But more than anything, I was angry. Angry at how I affected my loved ones, that I couldn’t bring myself to tell them why I was distant, inconsistent and why I always found myself alone in my room trying to make the noise stop”.

He continues: “If this sounds familiar, then this should be a resounding voice that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It’s hard for me to tell people that it’s okay to ask for help, when I myself found it so difficult for so long, but it’s the truth. There’s no reason to be scared of seeking resources, telling friends and family, or taking charge of the internal dialogue that weighs you down. Maybe not everyone will listen, but you would be amazed how many ears will. Below are some incredible resources if you feel there is no where to turn. It gets better.


We would add 320 Changes Direction, Talinda Bennington’s initiative to raise awareness over the importance of mental health, founded in partnership with Give an Hour and Change Direction in her husband’s loving memory, Chester Bennington: https://www.changedirection.org/320-changes-direction/ 

Like a John Hughes movie or a thrift store cardigan sweater, the driving rhythm and earnest melody of Telltale is both familiar and reinvigorating in equal measure.

The quartet – composed of John Carter (vocals), Bryce Marshall (guitar), Tim Fogg (bass), and Travis Slack (drums) – crafts anthems that immediately connect with the kids who pack clubs and theaters to see newer bands like Neck Deep as well as the older set that cherish early records from Fall Out Boy and Lifetime, but with their own distinctive spin. All over the Richmond, Virginia based band’s latest EP, “Timeless Youth”Telltale spin stories that are as relatable as growing pains, exactly as the record’s title implies.

Made with earnest ambition and emotional precision, “Timeless Youth” is a short burst of yearning, soul-searching, melodic desperation, reaching upward toward a peace of mind and wellbeing that is too often frustratingly out of reach. Produced by Zach Jones (My Enemies & I), the record follows the breathtaking “Good Intentions” EP, which was released less than a year after Telltale’s initial formation in January 2017.

Telltale have steadily charted their own path through impassioned performances and friendly charm, supporting bands like Broadside, As It Is, Neverkept, and Young Culture, both at home and on the road.

With heavy doses of saccharine sentiment and self-aware camp, Telltale are perfecting the recipe. At a rapid pace, the band continues to carve a new heart into the solid tree of pop punk. They are fresh champions for the underdog, a group who makes the everyday soundtrack for the uninvited, brokenhearted, and cast aside.


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