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Oakland native indie pop singer-songwriter – Tess Posner – presents today her debut EP – ‘One Thousand Petals’.

With a soothing retro vibe inspired by her personal stories, Tess Posner cuts open through memories and pulls out forgotten feelings that are coming back to life only to bring comfort to those listening to the EP.

‘Songwriting is both strength & vulnerability, as you shine a light on the deepest corners of yourself and share. But I wouldn’t do it any other way. <<One Thousand Petals>> represents the lotus flower, which follows the arc of the story of this album. The lotus roots are based in the mud and it submerges every night into murky water, only to bloom again in the morning. Creating this album felt like a rebirth – I had to go deep into my own mud, to come out more alive than ever.

Rediscovering my artist self and telling my stories has been cathartic and a response to the craziness unfolding in the world right now. Art is alchemy.’ – Tess Posner

The magic comes out of Durga Sound Studio, located in Oakland, California, where Tess tracked vocals. For her debut EP, Tess joined forces with producer Alicia Champion (Glee, Steven Tyler, Patty Larkin.)

The album starts with the original version of ‘Love Song (to Myself)’ and ends with the acoustic version of it. Those in Oakland are invited to the release party Tess will hold today to celebrate her debut. Attendees will get the chance to listen to all songs live in an unforgettable acoustic session.

Tess Posner is a singer-songwriter & social entrepreneur focused on increasing equity and inclusion in the tech economy. As CEO of AI4ALL, she works to make artificial intelligence more diverse and inclusive and to ensure that AI is developed responsibly. Her work has been featured by major media outlets and funded by top national foundations and influencers including Melinda Gates, Jensen Huang, Google.org, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Autodesk, Microsoft and the Robin Hood Foundation. She is the co-author of

“The People Centered Economy: The New Ecosystem For Work” and holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University School in Social Enterprise Administration and a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College.

One Thousand Petals” Tracklist & Artwork

Stream/Download: iTunes & Spotify

  1. Love Song (to Myself)
  2. Feels Like Freedom (iTunes, Spotify)
  3. Take It Back
  4. Ready
  5. Love Song (to Myself) – Acoustic
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