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Big Indie Records and rock band The Bots are excited to announce the Wednesday December 1st release of “2 Seater Acoustic” EP. “2 Seater Acoustic” EP gives a new version of 3 of the most popular songs from the LA-based outfit’s first full-length offering 2 Seater in seven years. Each of these tracks were written between the ages of 19 and 22 when Lei was undergoing a rapid burst of self-growth. Now, as a 28-year-old, Lei has rewritten and recorded those songs to articulate themes he struggled to find words for back then: the ups and downs of young love, the need to nurture friendships, and the sentimental work of taking care of yourself each day.

The EP’s lead single, “DYKMN (Sound The Same)” is about reminiscing. It’s about remembering old friends, relationships, anyone or anything. When you hear their name and how it makes you feel, says Mikaiah Lei. The song is simple enough in its message but it also plays on the idea of longing for the unknown–wanting something but having to live to find it. “DYKNM (Sound The Same)” will be available everywhere via Spotify and Apple. “2 Seater” is a massive evolution from the early days of The Bots. Back then, Lei spent most of his time channeling garage rock with his younger brother. Instead, this new album and Acoustic EP sees him putting a pop spin on his own creative indie-rock flair. Drawing influence more from Talking Heads and Cocteau Twins than Black Flag or Minor Threat, these songs capture Lei’s natural ability to pen catchy melodies without sacrificing any of the raw guitar work that established The Bots as a force to be reckoned with.

“2 Seater Acoustic” EP track listing:

1. Girl Problems
2. DYKMN (Sound the Same)
3. Scatter Brains


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