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Hailing from Turin via LondonPEAKS! is a modern Alt Rock duo mixing, killer riffs, fuzzy guitars and dizzy hooks – Eye(s) wide open. They have just released their debut single “Blackout“. Why Blackout? In the words of the two members of the band – “Have you ever felt confused? Not recognizing the reality you’re living in? Having that feeling that something’s wrong, even if it looks right? That’s what Blackout is about.

The song is now available on all streaming platforms.

After perfecting their trade as young musicians, Luca Del Fiore and Lorenzo Mazzucchi might just have been meant to end up playing together as PEAKS! Fate or not, “Blackout” paves the way for a number of equally astounding tracks that will be released over the coming months.

“We wanted the song to be full of energy, uptempo, but ‘dizzy’ at the same time. So we decided to record that lazy whispering voice in the verse and then let the chorus explode, just pumping up the vocal melody and guitars. As it progresses, the song becomes even more ‘confused’ and kinda ‘drunk’ by blending together guitar layers and vocals in the last chorus, we wanted the listener to feel that sensation of uncertainty and instability,” the band explains.

“We recorded Blackout before what happened back in March and, somehow, we realized later how it also related so well with the current situation. The song is about a blurred memory, which is quite what we’re living right now. We all have these blurred memories of ‘how the world used to be’ and, sadly, day by day we’re kinda losing them by giving space to this ‘new normality’. Blackout has energy, but it’s also lazy. It has a sort of contradictory mood. That’s why we think is the right picture of this moment.”


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