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Lilac is in bloom. The highly anticipated 5th studio album from alternative rock icons The Early November is set to be released on September 27th via Rise Records. The band’s first album since 2015’s Imbue, Lilac represents a shift towards a more pop-centric sound while preserving the raw vulnerability that The Early November has become known for. Pre-orders are available now alongside a brand new single called Hit By A Car (In Euphoria).

“’Lilac’ started with the idea of trying to help someone. I was losing sleep over it, and it got really heavy for me. There were times when I got lost in wishing that things would get better”, admits lead singer Ace Enders. “But over time it became a reflection of the idea that it’s okay to be dark, it’s okay to feel like you’re at the bottom. Sometimes you dig these deep holes for yourself – you just have to realize it’s up to you to get out if it”.

The Early November are eagerly preparing to share their new album, “Lilac”, out September 27th, 2019.

Lilac” Tracklist:
1.  Perfect Sphere (Bubble)
2.  My Weakness
3.  Ave Maria
4.  Hit By A Car (In Euphoria)
5.  Comatose
6.  Fame
7.  You Own My Mind
8.  I Dissolve
9.  Make My Bed
10. Our Choice
11. The Lilac


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