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nikki sixx

Heroin Diaries (published by Simon & Schuster in 2007) is not just another rockstar’s autobiography,but a formidable tool to better understand how drugs, alcohol and other substances are changing our behaviour, our body and the way we survive every day.

We are sure all of you know already Nikki Sixx,for those of you who don’t, he is the co-founder and bassist of Motley Crue and, especially (at least for us), the main songwriter of the band.

Being part of the Crue was not an easy task; Metallica, Guns and many other bands would tell you that was impossible to keep up with them, in terms of parties and craziness they were , by far, the best and the wildest.


Nikki and Tommy (Lee) were the main driver of all this….a train in full speed that couldn’t be stopped….nobody and nothing could do it.

This book contains a lot of these stories, funny and scary things you wouldn’t ever imagined…… some of them will tell you better the story of one of the most famous bands in rock and roll, some of them will dig deeply in Nikki’s life.

In fact, the key of the book is different than the one many of you would imagined; it is not about drugs, it is not about chicks (= trouble) it is not about life as a rockstar….it is about how fragile a person can be when there is no family/friends around.

It is this fragility that leaves space to depression, that slowly will end up killing ourself.

We do really believe that was the Nikki’s depression, generated by an extremely difficult family situation when he was kid, the trigger of “all of the drugs thing”….he needed to fulfil the gap created in his mind and his heart.

Because of heroin, mixed with a crazy lifestyle, Nikki almost died; luckily he didn’t and today he can be an example for many, especially for the young generations.

If you don’t believe us just follow his posts on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/nikkisixxofficial?fref=ts), you will see what we are talking about….he gave up drinking and drugs and now he feels a better person, father, husband, friend.

In the last few months we saw a lot of people writing to Nikki saying that Heroin Diaries is actually helping them in escaping from drugs addiction…..amazing !

We could not love this book more, it is a must have….so, what are you waiting for?……. call your favourite book shop (maybe the famous Book Soup in Sunset Strip) and get a copy….!

By the way, did you know that the famous song of Aerosmith “Dude (looks like a lady)” was apparently inspired by Vince Neil (the singer of Motley Crue)? We couldn’t stop laughing about…great info Nikki!!

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