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Philadelphia garage punk four-piece The Mary Veils share their brand new LP, Esoteric Hex, out now via PNKSLM Recordings.

Speaking on the record, frontman Brian Von Uff wrote:

“The songs on Esoteric Hex were made in the first two months as a band. These songs were the result of those first few practices in our extremely small practice room. Funny, now that I think about it, the walls in that space were orange like the album cover. We tracked it live to capture that sound as much as possible. We wanted it to sound like it would if you come see us play live. We wanted it to sound raw. An open wound. In Philly they say we speak what’s on our minds. We wanted that attitude to come across. Know nothing know it alls.”

The band is playing PhilMOCA in Philly on April 2Tickets are on sale now.

Esoteric Hex – TRACKLISTING: 

01. Bone Blossom Green
02. Jelly
03. Esoteric Hex
04. Circled Omens
05. Elevator
06. Follow Me
07. A Tether
08. Eyes
09. Fuzzy 95
10. The Turnspit


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