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Eclectic musical influences and learning how to cope have become the catalysts for The Moose and their music. Mitch & Matt Bellock, along with Dave Catanese, have moulded a sound around attempts to portray their experiences as ambiguous events with specific emotional connotation. Their latest studio session with Sam Pura at The Panda Studios produced a self-titled full length album that is out now.

FFO: Microwave, PUP, All Get Out, Manchester Orchestra, Every Time I Die

Upcoming shows:

9/12 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean (w Silver Age, Romancer, The Flips)

Track Listing:

1. Waiting

2. Mid-Conversation

3. Every Dollar

4. States

5. April

6. Ground

7. Anything More

8. New Years

9. Selfish

10. Hide, Drink

11. Cross Country Basketball

12. There Are No Words