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Your new album “the queen and the outcast” is set to be released at the mid of November, is there a link between all the songs of the album?

there is a direct link between every song on this album, which is the first time I ever have done that. I tend to have several loose themes but for TQATO I wanted to write about this 12 year love affair with my wife. Feels good.

how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


The antenna is always up, you know? I hear a phrase in a conversation that sticks with me. Or a book. A movie. Or even another song where I THINK they sang one thing and it was another and then I grab that. There is no one way.

For TQATO it was way more specific. I had titles come to mind or a story of a phase of my marriage and wrote about that.

Sometimes almost exactly as it happened like in the first single “We Don’t Need A Reason” where the song speaks of my first interactions with Lisa (my wife) and when we decided to jump into our lives together we would say “we don’t need a reason” for how quickly we fell in love.


which is the best verse you ever wrote?


I’ll let you know when I write it. Lol


and the one of your favorite song ? (Not written by you)


First thing that popped into my head is an old but a goody:

“Slip out the front door like a ghost into a fog where no one notices the contrast of white on white”

That does not suck, Adam Duritz. Thanks for sett my a high bar.

And anything Matt from the National writes is close to perfect.

tell us more about the song “we don’t need a reason”


The initial conversation my wife and I ever had she told me she was looking for a brown haired, blue eyed singer who was an Aries. She did not know when those words came out that I was literally the man she was looking for…

So the first line of “We Don’t Need A Reason’ is “Aries, a letter and a leap of faith’.

Because when I left her that night she wrote me this declaration of commitment. Of what it means to love someone’s guts and that it all starts with a leap of faith.

Well, I quickly got on board with that girl.


what was the best moment of your career?


I am loving this very moment. Writing the exact album I wanted to write.


and the most difficult one?


Same answer!! Lol

Risking the safety of an established and happy band and deciding I needed to challenge myself as a writer, performer and producer. It’s been a climb but so worth it.

what does music mean for you?

Have you ever been stuck under water and felt like you could drown and realized you would do anything in your power (and maybe some things beyond your power) to breathe again? To live? That’s what it feels like if I’m not making music.

Like I’m not able to breathe. And I like to breathe.

are you going on tour soon?

Can we play your house?


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