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“Goodnight & Make Mends” is a punk rock mourning song of acceptance. It is the last song on the album.

Reading through a late friend’s poetry, the songwriter recalls all of the times the two friends casually said: “let’s write a song together sometime!” and never got around to it. Using lines of her poetry to form a call and response, the two friends, now separated by death, finally wrote their song together, albeit too late.

The sorrowful tone of the uilleann pipes sets the scene for the song which reminisces on memories of drunkenly parading through the Boston snow after closing time.

Hestia” Tracklisting
01 Naysayers
02 Bullhead
03 Hestia
04 Through These Iron Sights
05 Sainted Millions
06 Tell Me What Happened
07 Rhythm of Her Name
08 Golden Death
09 Lizzie Borden
10 Light in My Shadow
11 Wonderust
12 Athens to the North
13 Motion
14 Goodnight & Make Mends


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