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Mad Cool Festival 2019 begins sending the bracelets with which you will have access to the Valdebebas venue and you will be able to enjoy it, depending on the type of ticket you have purchased from the Festival. With the aim that the Mad Cool 2019 experience begins at the same moment you receive it at home, the organizers invite you to interact with them and immortalize that moment.

They invite you, as soon as you have it in your possession, to share your photo on Instagram with the desired bracelet to see The Cure, Bon Iver, The Smashing Pumpkins, The National or The 1975 with the hashtag #MeetMeAtMadCool. Among all those who participate in this challenge, 10 winners will be receiving a 10 official merchandise packs of Mad Cool Festival 2019 that will include a “madcooler” membership card.

The bracelet will be active, you will not need to complete any extra questionnaire or have to activate it on any device.

The Mad Cool bracelet is the only valid access device to enter the premises. This bracelet is personal and non-transferable. With it you can enjoy those areas to which you are entitled with the acquisition of your ticket. And although we encourage you to photograph yourself with it, do not try to try it on before the Festival begins because, if you tighten the tie, it is impossible to take it off and it could be broken. An unboxing is a good option, although it is better if you do not show your code or, at least, that it is not readable.

Once with the bracelet in your possession, try not to deteriorate or lose it. We advise you to keep it very carefully until the days of the Festival as it will be necessary and mandatory for access and if the wristband is not in good condition, you may be denied access to the festival.

To avoid problems, on the first day of the festival, bring along with the bracelet your print at home (the entry on paper or your mobile) so that, in case of any error in access, it can be solved in the case of INCIDENTS together at the door of the festival. Do not take off your wristband when leaving the premises. You will need it to enter again every day.

Although the sending of bracelets began two days ago, this process will be done progressively during the months of May and June, so do not despair if you do not already have it. When your shipment is ready, you will receive an e-mail from the courier company stating that you will receive the package in a maximum of 72 hours. The wristband will be sent to the address you indicated during the purchase process.

Bracelets are sent to everyone except Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Sub-Saharan Africa and Russia. Neither are those acquired at physical points such as Carrefour, FNAC and Halcón Viajes.

For any questions or modifications, contact: pulseras@madcool.es

#MadCool2019 #MeetMeAtMadCool

*Once received the email from the courier company, no changes of address will be accepted in the shipment.

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