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The Take Away – the brand new alternative super group, featuring the combined talents of Kevin Thrasher (Escape the Fate) and Matt McAndrew (Slaves, The Voice) – has burst onto the scene with the formation’s electric first single “Sad About Nothing“. This first track marks the beginning of a beautiful partnership for Thrasher (who is also responsible for the engineering of one of the most highly anticipated, upcoming albums in music at the moment – MGK‘s “Tickets To My Downfall“, produced by Travis Barker) and McAndrew, who have a joint musical sensibility that is at once raw, emotive and inescapably catchy. Each master of their craft, Thrasher and McAndrew deliver on driving bass, intricate guitar lines and emotive vocals. Combine all of that with a gorgeously gripping synth and “Sad About Nothing” truly impresses as a poignant and memorable first single. 
On their work together and what they see for The Take Away, Kevin Thrasher and Matt McAndrew had this to say: “This project is a new creative outlet that we both needed, something distinct from our other work in ways that feel exciting. The Take Away is an opportunity to get out of our comfort zones and tap into our pure artistic instincts. That instinctual work is taking us to amazing places as we collaborate – we write and create music together really naturally and seamlessly. The Take Away is something we have been working on behind the scenes for a long time and we can’t wait to finally share it with the world. We are excited for everyone to see a new side of our music, as “Sad About Nothing” is just the beginning of our journey”.


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