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The Used have released a visceral and artistic video for “The Nexus”. The track from recently released album ‘The Canyon‘ is full of energetic riffs, the undeniable vocals of Bert McCracken and an anthemic bridge for the larger family that is The Used.

The video was directed by Lisa Mann, the same woman who brought to life the videos from this album cycle as well as “The Bird and The Worm.” On the video, Mann shares: “Bert sent me pages ripped from his notes, scribbles, scratches,  phrases, train of thoughts he had when making the record. I really wanted to bring the guttural honesty Bert unleashed in the lyrics of the record to the all the videos”. The band gave full control to Lisa and the dancer in the video, who also was in both previously released videos fromThe Canyon.

In an exclusive interview McCracken shared that “The true connection between art and reality requires a passion for projecting and connection subjective ideas into one visual objective. She [director, Lisa Mann] always seems to see the true picture”.

The Used recent release ‘The Canyon‘ hits the #3 Current Hard Music Albums charting position on the Billboard charts. Additionally, The Used secured the #5 Current Alternative Albums, #5 Record Label Independent Current Albums and #6 Top Current Rock Albums charting positions.


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