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The things I like are here
it ain’t easy to get rid of’em
I’m clean and sober as a tramp, I guess
oh yes, there’s nothing I respect
It is a fact, I’ll never put those things right

A simple role
consumption and pleasure
Our weight in gold despite the diamonds’ glow

I bet, there’s nothing I respect
Uh, I want this thing, I want that thing, I wanna have you on my couch
It keeps me spin, it keeps me drill
You know i like, I like it and I fell like shit…

I want it all, I want it all
I know that it’s not fair, I don’t care
I got got got till I drow down a pool full of clouds, just like big bank accounts
Do you understand the things will fill your life?

I’m down, I’m high, I make you mine,
I wash your mind until you’re right
believe, tv, you greed, showbiz
cause every time I blow I feel like dancing on a boogie woogie

Watch “Things” on YouTube: http://bit.ly/13iH9yB

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