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“The Title of the EP, ‘This Is Not A Test’, means that we just want to be taken seriously out there, especially out of our country. We finally found our way with this record, as the previous ones were too heterogeneous, and this time there’s a connection from start to finish. This is what Why Everyone Left is totally about; it represents us at our best,” proudly declares Why Everyone Left frontman Enzo. Out today via Penultimate Records, ‘This Is Not A Test’ can be obtained here.

Hailing from Modena, Italy, the band is completed by Luca on Drums, Luca Bi on Bass and Thomas on Guitar. Forming Why Everyone Left in 2013, was as Enzo says: “from the ashes of other bands, everyone in our local scene was quitting music at the time, except for us.” Taking their name from a Real Friends track and despite cementing themselves as an upbeat pop-punk act, they have had serious intentions from the beginning: “I think most of the small bands in our scene don’t treat this as a real job. That changes everything. We put all the time we have in this, every day, if you’ll consider it as a hobby it won’t be more than a hobby.”The approach has already seen the Italian crew sharing stages with the likes of Four Year Strong, Waterparks, As It Is and Seaway; touring the UK and mainland Europe, and releasing two prior EPs.

For ‘This Is Not A Test’, the band was determined to be very hands-on, with Enzo producing and recording all bar the drums himself and Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, WSTR, As It Is) at Celestial Productions handling mixing duties. The resultant 5-tracker sees the band taking influence from the likes of State Champs, Four Year Strong and A Day To Remember. Lead single ‘Bouch’ was also a DIY-affair, with Enzo directing the video here. ‘This Is Not A Test’ sounds like long summers spent drinking with your friends, delivering big, bouncy riffs and infectious vocal hooks. The band reveals their hopes for listeners of the release: “We want them to have a good time with the fun songs like Whiskey & Coke, and wish they’ll feel better and less lonely during their hard times, with the sadder songs like Dead Inside.”

Why Everyone Left ‘This Is Not A Test’ Tracklisting: 1. Pick You Up 2. Stand By 3. Bouch 4. Whiskey & Coke 5. Dead Inside

Why Everyone Left Released ‘This Is Not A Test’ Via Penultimate Records On 02/11/18. Get It: https://bit.ly/2wDD0y2

Italian Live Dates: 10th November – Becciodromo, Vicenza – Hero Party Fest | 17th November – Circle Arci MU, Parma – Pop Punk Mosh Party (EP Release Party) | 24th November – Centrale Rock Club, Erba – Pop Punk Night 


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