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Amid 2020 lockdown restrictions, Thrice did an exclusive acoustic session for SiriusXM’s hard rock channel Octane live from home. Now the band launches “Just Breathe” and “Better Bridge” from the session on all streaming platforms.

“It’s always fun to try dig out the skeletons buried in the songs,” front man Dustin Kensrue says in regards to stripping down the tracks. “We nearly always start songs with instrumental parts and craft melodic structure around those parts, and so it’s a process of discovery when we do a stripped-down project like this and cut things away to find the core of the song.”

The session is also available on 7” via the band’s webstore.

Formed in 1998, the Orange County-based four-piece is widely regarded as one of the most innovative rock bands of their generation. Featuring frontman Dustin Kensrue, guitarist Teppei Teranishi, bassist Eddie Breckenridge, and drummer Riley Breckenridge, the band made their debut with the 2000 album Identity Crisis. With later releases including their 2003 breakout The Artist in the Ambulance and a duo of concept LPs (2007/8’s The Alchemy Index: Fire and Water and Earth and Air), Thrice took a several-year hiatus starting in 2012. Arriving in May 2016, To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere proved to be Thrice’s most politically-minded yet vulnerable work to date. In 2018, the band followed-up with their most sonically expansive album so far in their 20-year-history, Palms. Co-produced by Thrice and Eric Palmquist and mixed by John CongletonPalms encompasses everything from viscerally charged post-hardcore to piano-driven balladry.

Palms – Acoustic Sessions for Octane Track Listing
1. Just Breathe
2. Better Bridge

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