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Tell us more about your album “through my eyes”, are you satisfied about its release?

The album ‘Through My Eyes’! No matter what you set yourself off to accomplish on your journey, it’s all about the story.

It’s all about what it took to get you there, and everything you had to lose and fight through to get there.

That’s what makes your destination mean something. This project took 2 years in the making, but it was worth the wait. The expectations I had for this project wasn’t gonna get lowered.

I knew what I wanted to say, but putting it together with the complexity of how different stories, and people pushed me to get to where I am no, whether they knew it or not.

This project is about the journey, the struggles, wins, loses, and crazy shit that happens when you are trying to make shit happen!

     what inspired “summer daze”?
The inspiration for ‘Summer Daze’ was brought together about what matters to me most, Family, Love, and Loyalty.
Everything that pushes me, and motivates me to be the best me I can be. Having the best time with everyone I love, and being able to come together as a whole to share the different qualities and traits we have that make is who we are.
Being able to have a good time, share stories over a bottle of tequila or a nice rolled blunt  .
how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?
I usually write my lyrics to my songs by myself, in my car, at about 4/5am. The studio is where I accomplish my work but my car is where it all begins.
Having a fresh start early in the morning before the sun comes up, my two twelves rocking my car, music in my ears in every direction, and having a fresh rolled blunt, and some Cuban coffee is my perfect start to a successful day.
I like writing my story to a very basic, and stripped down melody so I can make sure it’s all about the story.
what music represents for you?
Music for me represents a way to cope with your right now moment. It’s a way to better understand what exactly your going through, understanding a different point of view, and/or just get away and get lost in the music.
Music is something to sing along to out loud and say what maybe you didn’t have the balls to say yourself.
Music can also be a simple as something to make your shower not so boring. Without music, the world would be in chaos.
do you remember the day you wrote “not west coast”
The day I wrote not west coast I was trying to figure out how to get the attention of a certain girl.
At the time the girl had a boyfriend and for me that was just more incentive to go after her.
She was playing hard to get and I knew it, so I had to play the game back. And Let’s just the better man won.
are you planning a tour soon?
We are planning a tour soon. We hope to be hitting many colleges throughout California, and being able to visit Miami, New York, and Houston very soon! For now we have been making sure to cover all of my home , Los Angeles, California!
what is your favorite song (not written by you)?
My favorite song would really be hard to narrow down, as even if I were to give you my favorite artist which would be drake, or my favorite rapper Eminem.
I doubt I would really be able to give you my favorite drake or Eminem song. But I will definitely say one song that always stands out to me, not only because of some fun memories but because of what the song  represents for me would be , in the morning by j cole featuring drake.
Not only does the song have my favorite artist but also one of my favorite rappers of all time.
Rapping and sing about my favorite things in the world, early mornings, women, and being comfortable. Sweatpants, hair tied. Chilling with no make up on.
That’s when your the prettiest I hope that you don’t take it wrong.
and the best verse you ever wrote?
The best verse I ever wrote is probably one of the hardest questions I would have to answer .
narrowed down to two versus, I would say my first is the verse I have tatted on my ribs. “If you’re not willing to lose the good for the better, then it was never worth it”.
Written off of my first album, ‘From here on out’, to me that verse means to never get to comfortable, you are gonna have to take risks and chances on yourself that others aren’t willing to do. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else.
You wanna get to the next level you gotta be willing to lose certain things to become great. The 2nd verse is off of my new album, ‘Through My Eyes’, “you say it’s nothing, but nothing can be something for me.”
Being able to make lemonade out of lemons, turning a piece of meat into a deli, turning nothing into something.
Being able to see the little things, the little details that make the big picture. everyone want to see the big picture but you have to understand the small pieces that make the big picture.
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