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Finally the official date of the release of “Through the Never” is out:  27th september on IMAX and 4th october in all the other theatres.

Metallica once again want to surprise their fans with something unique… a mix between a movie and a concert where real actors are mixing with the band members.

The story is about a young roadie for Metallica that is sent on an urgent mission during the band’s show….

What it seems like a simple task turns into a crazy and surreal adventure.

Nimrod Antal (among his movies Kontroll, Vacancy, Armored and Predators)  is the director and author of the movie.





Through the Never, is not only just a movie, it is a concert , an experience that every fan (or not) of Metallica must see!

Watching the trailer will give you already a great idea on what we are talking about….



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