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Blacklist Union (http://blacklistunionofficial.com)  will celebrate their 10th anniversary this year.

Their singer, Tony West, answered to our questions related to their music and life in Los Angeles….

RYL:  We listened to your third album “Til Death Do Us Apart” and it sounded just great! What do you want to achieve with it?

BLACKLIST UNION:  We want people to know that there still is kick ass rock ‘n roll out there with no filters.

RYL:  “Digging 4 Gold” is the first single from the album, why this choice and what inspired its lyrics?

BLACKLIST UNION:  It seems to be a crowd favorite. I wrote this with Todd Youth formally of Danzig and D Generation.  The lyrics are just typical Los Angeles type things were you have girls out there ask me what kind of car you drive and what kind of money you have in the bank and you know how people are nowadays they just want to make sure that they have something in it for them no matter what they do it seems nowadays.  It’s sad.

RYL:  How do you write your songs?

BLACKLIST UNION:  Our writing process varies. Sometimes we are writing songs in rehearsal or sometimes our guitar player will come up with a song or we do it together. Or I may have the melody. It all depends on the song and how are feeling that particular day.

RYL:  Ten years of Blacklist Union, how do you feel? Ready to celebrate this important birthday in 2014?

BLACKLIST UNION:   10 years of Blacklist Union, I actually feel really proud that we have been able to keep it together for so long with basically no support from a record label.

RYL:  Where your tour is going to bring you during the next four months?


BLACKLIST UNION:  The next four months will be touring the United States.  We’re working on getting to Europe, South America and Australia as well.

RYL: “Game Over” is one of our favorite songs, how did you write its lyrics and music?

BLACKLIST UNION:  Game Over is actually one of my favorite songs to sing. The lyrics are really meaningful to me it’s about my ex-wife.  The evil one.

RYL: Can you comment for us the final verse of “Til Death Do Us Part : Life is what it is and I cant shake the itch”

BLACKLIST UNION:  Basically what that line means is life is what it is. You can’t do anything about it when things sBLACKLIST UNION Press Photo 2ometimes happen however I’m not ready to give that up anytime soon I enjoy life for the most part.

RYL:  What the hell is going on in LA? Key Club is closing, Roxy soon, Whiskey and Rainbow barely surviving…. what is going to save Rock n Roll?

BLACKLIST UNION:  LA is in a terrible state of music. There’s no camaraderie and it’s very cutthroat. Lots of fossil and hating and it’s quite sad because people wonder why there’s no scene and there it is right there nobody has each other’s backs.

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