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RYL: Your recent single “Tiny Hearts” (co-written with BREAK Ent’s Jay Levine and Sophie Dupin) has been just released, what inspired its lyrics?

KIMBERLY HENDERSON  : My life experiences as a young mother and my children. Every word I sing is 100% real.

RYL: From a cover to a first single……what 2015 is going to bring to you?

KIMBERLY HENDERSON  : it is going to be an amazing year. It will most definitely involve writing and making more music and touring the world 🙂

RYL:  Which of the verse of “How will I know” is most dear to you?

KIMBERLY HENDERSON  :  I love… “Oh wake me…

I’m dreaming. Wish I had you near me now. Said there’s no mistaking.. What I feel is really love.”

RYL: do you play any instrument?

KIMBERLY HENDERSON  : guitar! But im not that good 🙂

RYL: Which is the best verse ever written for a song?

KIMBERLY HENDERSON  :the verse of an original song I co wrote with Steve diamond

” I’ll soldier on”

RYL: What inspires your songwriting?

KIMBERLY HENDERSON  : my life experiences, my hardships, my heart breaks, my children, my regrets, my happiness.

RYL: If we give you one dollar to spend in purchasing a song, what would you buy?

KIMBERLY HENDERSON  : I would buy one of Whitney Houstons songs. They never get old 🙂 classics

RYL: How do you plan to cope with success?

KIMBERLY HENDERSON  : just remain normal. Grounded. Humble 🙂 myself

RYL: Who are your music idols?

KIMBERLY HENDERSON  :Whitney Houston – Sam Smith – Christina Aguilera


Photo Credit: Allister Ann

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