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TLB , the punk band that was formed when GRAMMY-nominated alternative rock band, Plain White T’s frontman Tom Higgenson and guitarist Dave Tirio teamed up with their longtime friends, Darren and Eric Vorel, are excited to release their self-titled debut album. PRESS HERE to stream. Tracklisting can be found below.
In conjunction with the album release, they have also revealed the visual for “Drinks On Me.”
[Drinks On Me] is about taking a break, and living it up for a night while you’re in the midst of going thru a wicked breakup,” says Darren Vorel. “Having some drinks with your crew to forget about feelin’ blue…at least until the morning hangover. Kick ass time making the video in our hometown bar. Got to have our best friends in the crowd and in some of the scenes.
  1. I’ve Been Doing Fun Shit Without You
  2. How Am I Supposed to Hate You When I Love You
  3. Comegetyrshit
  4. You’ve Been Telling Lies to My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend
  5. Drinks On Me
  6. I Miss the Shit out of You
  7. We Are Getting Back Together in 2000 Never
  8.  Coverband
  9. I Can’t Wait Til You Get Dead
  10. Totally Fucked for You
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