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How are you preparing the release of your EP “Travel Log 1”?


I’m still working on a music video for my 3rd single ‘January Keeper’ and I’ve helped with booking some shows in Europe/US for early 2018 but most of the work on my part is done.

I spend a good amount of time over the last 1-2 years working on the EP from writing to recording and preparing the release.

Since the summer I’m already working on new material which gets me excited.

Always good to move on even when “the old” is news for everybody else.


Is there a link, lyrically speaking, between all its songs?


The main theme which brings all these songs together is definitely the traveling/ different environment aspect.

I wrote all these songs while exploring different parts of the world and being inspired by new ways and ideas and people I’ve met.

A lot of the songs are not always directly about an area but more about what these places brought up in me and what interested me about how other folks live their everyday life.


What inspired the verses of “White Jaguar”?


The Kogi tribe of Colombia always explain the worlds existence with opponent sides like dark-light , east-west, gold and silver etc.

I was really interested in the concept of dualism and incorporated aspects of their religion mostly into the verses of the song.

I met the Kogi while being in Colombia but didn’t know that much about them until I went to the National Museum in Bogotà.

I got even more interested after figuring out how complex and interesting their whole religion and view on the world is.

Do you remember writing “January Keeper”?


Yes, I came up with an idea for a melody while being in Prague a few years ago and recorded it as a memo – and forgot about it.

A few months later I took the tram to my studio one morning while being in Berlin and I read an article about a man slowly losing his sight and how his days became more and more blurry and somehow I remembered the Prague melody.

I went to the studio and wrote the song in 2h.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


Mhhhh…I wanna know the answer to that question as well.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


I usually start with a melody and just hum along some invented words. Many times the words already tell me something about the song and where it s heading.

A lot of times these first few words end up in the song somehow…


What is the last song you wrote?


I did an ‘artists in residence program’ at the Banff Centre (Canada) to finish my songs from my  last travels and wrote one new tune – doesn’t have a name yet except ‘room 142’ ( working title ) which was my studio room during my stay.


What does music mean to you?


Recovery and Release.


What makes you happy in life?


Small things…combined!


Photo Cred: Jesse Barnes

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