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Today we are proudly presenting you a new category of content: Undiscovered Covers.

From the local garage band up to the rock legends, everyone has his own hero artist and loves playing cover songs either as a tribute or for fun. Sometimes the covers can take the songs to a higher level, sometimes it is the other way around, ZAF will explore all directions!

Not easy to pick up the first cover to play, so many great stuff out there, I thought to start with a classic performed by Mr. Slash together with Steve Winwood on vocal and keyboard and with the late great Mitch Mitchell on drums. Happy Birthday to Steve, as today he’s turning 72 years young! 🙂
Playing Hendrix I think it is always something great for any guitarist. At the same time, it is super challenging to execute Jimi’s music in the right way.
I like when there is capability to play in a way there is respect (so avoiding to show off with super fast solo and technical effects) while being able to add some personal touch to the sound and the execution, so you can recognise the executor’s trademark.
Slash in this is a superlative interpreter, his sound and style are so beautifully peculiar, blending so nicely and respectfully in this cover.
This is truly a tribute!
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