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1) tell us more about your new upcoming EP titled “valley of the wolves”… professionally speaking, what it does mean for you?

It’s was actually something i saw painted on the side of a huge warehouse in Detroit a few years ago. 

The phrase caught my eye so i put it in my phone as an idea for something later.  It’s something that I just keep going back to…and i think it really fits with happening now.

2) what inspires the lyrics of your songs?

It can be anything really but mostly observations I guess.  But i always write the lyrics after the music.  The music kind of tells me what the vibe or theme should be.

3) do you find difficult writing ?

No, I write all of the time.  For me it’s therapeutic.   Besides actual songs, I also write a lot of instrumental music for TV.  Lately I’ve been doing music for Crimewatch Daily and Extra.  Creepy ass murder music…hahaha!

4) tell us your advice for writing a great song..

Well…there’s really no right or wrong and great is a matter of opinion…lol.  I would say just be honest.  Write what you feel.

5) your latest single is called “Witness”, do you remember the day you wrote its lyrics?

Hmmm…..I’m not sure I remember the actual day but I’m pretty sure it was raining.  Kind of a shitty day and I just put me in a weird mood.   Those days days seem to inspire the best lyrics.

6) which is your favorite verse among all your songs?

I don’t even know…it’s hard to say.  I try not to play favorites with my children..hahaha.

7) and your favorite verse of your favorite song?

Not sure it’s my favorite song…but one of them.

I would tell you about the things
They put me through
The pain I’ve been subjected to
But the lord himself would blush
The countless feasts laid at my feet
Forbidden fruits for me to eat
But i think your pulse would start to rush

Now I’m not looking for absolution
Forgiveness for the things i do
But before you come to any conclusions
Try walking in my shoes

“”Walking in My Shoes” – Depeche Mode

8) what inspired “nothing to be afraid of”?

I can’t say it was an actual event but i would say the main theme is anxiety and dealing with it.

9) any project of touring soon? 

Yes… I’m also the new guitarist of Cold.  We’re finishing up a new record now and doing a acoustic “storytellers” type tour in the fall.

10) who gave you the best suggestion in your career?

I think it was a fortune cookie a got a few years ago….hahaha  It said…….  Don’t quit.

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