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VON GREY have released their EP – “In Bloom: Acoustic”.
The creative process behind this EP was different due to the fact that it’s band’s first self-produced, self-engineered recording effort. All of the visuals have been created in house. All of the messaging within and surrounding the EP has come directly from them, with no external filter. Every sound and flourish on the tracks was created with their bodies and instruments, with no critical ears other than their own — other than in the form of the magical tweaks added by their wonderful mixer Chad Howatt.
Being so isolated within the create process bred complete emotional transparency. This EP is a very vulnerable yet empowering accomplishment for them. It is an amazing feat for the three sister (Kathryn 23, Annika 22, and Fiona 20) who’ve been in music since 2011.
Their experience speaks significantly louder than their age on this EP, especially on the album’s final track, “Dawn”. The song handles the vulnerability that is forced upon women. Society is deeply conditioned to victimize women, making it easy for abuse of any kind — be it emotional or physical — to become internalized. “Dawn”  is a song about community as a form of healing, and is meant as an outward and inward leaning embrace full of support, patience, and understanding. 
Vulnerable and compassionate, the song’s lyrics reminds us to listen and comfort those often unheard and in need of care and understanding. By stating, “I want to be a soft shoulder for you to lean on,” the song’s singer represents a nurturing sister, sympathetically uplifting a loved one and creating unity between the two. While tenderly consoling the individual, the singer gently prompts her to remember that despite her experiences of trauma, which are so frequently silenced or distorted, she shouldn’t lose hope, because “hope will be in the light corners of the dawn.
The song highlights VON GREY‘s swandive back into their Southern culture and folk roots on In Bloom: Acoustic.
Despite their young age, (Kathryn 23, Annika 22, and Fiona 20), the classically trained sisters, are old souls when it comes to understanding how music works. Since entering the industry in 2011, the band has played +500 shows, The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits Music Festival. In just their early 20’s, they’re seasoned vets.

The depth of their music reflects their experience. The lyrics, which are intentionally barbed and deliberately serrated, position VON GREY flawlessly as the resilient and imperious women that they are. Laced over their signature intermingled and elegant vocals, that power projects their passionate narratives of (song meanings) energetically over infectiously poignant and melancholy cellos, mandolins, violins and piercing drums.

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