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Your new EP “Walls” will be released on September 29th, we just listened to it and it is amazing!! Congratulations! What it does represents for you?

Thanks so much!!

Pair Of Arrows finally lives in the same city, after many years of working remotely and intermittently, so we finally get to release a body of work that is more than singles!!
Because of that anticipation, the record that has finally arrived represents a lot to us. It really stretches through time — the first song on the record, Faultline, dates all the way back to the beginning as the first song we ever started.
That was in 2010!
what inspired its lyrics?
Each song on the EP winds it’s own territory, but if I were to pluck a common thread, it would be: the balancing act of power.
A tightrope walk. How power transitions and morphs through connection, death, and our relationship with the world around us.
Therein lies a warning, a fearless love and disillusionment. Therein lies suicide and crossing over, a tragic and beautiful near-miss, and a reminder.
The first single, “Walls,” is two stories of love and disillusionment combined: one of those recklessly beautiful whirlwinds that burns bright, and eventually implodes on itself and grows dark.
One of those that lift you up and away without asking for permission, because you gave it the second you laid eyes on the other.
The second story in this song speaks of the kind of love that lives in fantasy — the reality is so very different, yet before you know it, your lives are intertwined.
One day you wake up and realize you’ve invited a stranger to live inside your home, and you can’t hide it. There is no return from that moment of disillusion.
in your opinion, among all the songs of the album , which has the most meaningful lyrics?
Perhaps the most important, in some ways, is Darklight.
To me, Darklight is about the selfishness and folly of human evolution moving too fast for its own good, it is about atonement and forgiveness.
It is about protecting and honoring native peoples, their rights, their way of life and the indigenous lands they come from.
They hold more than most of us can ever conceive, their role more important than most realize until it is too late.
They are the keepers of the magic and the balance, the protectors of the life giving elements of our earth, the ones that live as close as any to the perfection of nature, and they are under constant attack.
What is the best lyric you have ever written?

Oh lord. I have no idea. I do like the opening line of “Step Again”.

and the one of your all-time favorite song?
I don’t do so well with the all-time, ultimate questions.
For now, let’s say “Pari Intervallo” by Arvo Part — there is one particular performance of it on pipe organ that is incredible and the only one I listen to.
It was given to me on a mixtape by a lover once and I don’t know whose performance it even is. Maybe Cristoph Maria Moosmann. I just know it when I hear it.
do you remember the day you wrote “step again”?

Yes. Clearly. I was staying with some dear friends in Oakland, CA. It was a gray day.
The house was on a hill, and my room had a view across part of the city, over the tops of these evergreen trees that I called “Jesus trees” because they all had these little crosses that grew out of their tops.
I had this tune on repeat that we had been sending back and forth.
I was wearing my favorite denim jacket. It was near April Fool’s Day, the anniversary of the suicide of a dear friend and the suicide of another close friend’s brother, a year after.
any plan of going in tour soon?
Yes! Blank City is planning a West Coast tour with a few of the artists on the label for early 2018. Cannot wait!
what was the best moment of your career?
I don’t know if I would call it the best moment, but a moment when I remembered what music can be, was when I received a letter forwarded to me from Boreta, from a veteran that had found his way through the trauma/post-trauma of war with music, and he said that a song we had written was one of the most important songs to help him cross that distance and keep going.
I won’t say “this is why we make music” because we don’t think about these things when we’re writing music.
We never know the life a piece of art is going to have when we make it or when we let it go.
But there is a strong sense of responsibility to authenticity for me, and I think it is authenticity, when achieved, that has the power to get into people’s minds and hearts, the power to open doors inside them that they didn’t know were there.
what inspired “Night Sky”?
A promise. Hesitation. Disappearing. A dream. A lover. A dream of a lover.
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