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Jason Simon, the singer and guitar of Dead Meadow (http://www.deadmeadow.com), answered to our questions regarding the new album, released after almost three years since the last one, and  the lyrics of their most famous songs.

RYL: Your last album, titled Warble Womb, has just been released. Which is the main inspiration behind its lyrics?

Jason:  There is no main inspiration behind the lyrics of this record other than life I guess…  There are a few themes that probably pop up more than once such as the way in which memory effects the present and the way in which our underlying thoughts and assumptions often serve to shape the world we create and perceive around us.

RYL: How do you usually write the verses of your songs?

J:  I really just gotta stay wide open and ready to receive the ideas that come down from on high or come rising up (all depending on your perspective).  You know often times I’ll attempt to keep the song in my mind throughout the day and try for lines here and there or sometimes they just come popping up.  

For me to sit down and attempt to write a song from start to finish through force of will is difficult and often comes out somewhat linear for my tastes.  

RYL :Which is the main characteristic that a good songwriter must have, in your opinion?

J:  An open mind and the ability to see multiple levels.  I personally prefer songs that can’t be assigned to being specifically about one given thing, but rather can be followed and understood on a numbers of levels…literally, metaphorically, allegorically, symbolically etc…  I dig lyrics that seem open onto a greater depth than what is simply being said on any surface level. 

RYL: Let’s talk about the fan’s favorite song of the album “1000 Dreams”, what is behind its lyrics?

J:  In following what I said in the last question, I’m hesitant to name any specific thing behind a lyric and in actuality there is often a whole number of things behind any given song.  I guess I could best sum it up with a lyric from one of my other songs “What you put into your head is there forevermore…”

RYL: “Burn The Here and Now” it is our favorite one……so…same question J…


Jason:  This one most directly deals with memory.  It is most about the way memory can burn the here and now and steal away from the fullness of the Present.  The Present being, in fact, all we truly have.

RYL: Tell us your guilty pleasure in doing music…..

J:  We like trying to freak people out or at least make them say “what the fuck were these guys thinking when they made this?” Records that make me wonder like that are the ones that stand the test of time in terms of my own listening.

RYL: After so many albums and songs, which is the best lyric you ever wrote?

J:  I think I prefer “At Her Open Door”. “…Gifts of gold lie undisturbed at her open door.  Give until nothing’s left then wish to give more.”

RYL: “Sleepy Silver Door” a song released in 2001, seems to be the most liked by your fans, why in your opinion? Do you remember how did you write it?

J:  I think they all be digging “Sleepy Silver Door” based on that main riff.  I vaguely remember writing it.  It was early days for us.  You know riffs are like lyrics.  You start with some semblance of an idea and you just keep messing with it and varying it slightly until (hopefully) it all just kicks into place and you know you got what you set out to say.  “Sleepy Silver Door” definitely fell together perfectly that way. 

RYL: Ahead of you, a tour across US, can you tell us more about it? Which will be the craziest show (or the one you are waiting the most)?

J:  It’s been a good while since we hit the East Coast so I’m looking forward to stomping all over our old stomping grounds.  Chicago is always a blast as well.  It’s always a surprise where ends up being the best show in terms of how much fun we had playing.  That’s a good thing, though.

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