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Hello Guys, we love to have you back after almost 3 years on the pages of our webzine, how have you been?

Things have been really great. IT has been busy both life wise and career wise. But still truckin along!
You are currently in tour with the Warped , how is it going?
We had such a blast on that tour. It is like summer camp for bands. I will say, I think we chose the hottest freakin shows to play this year, but at least we avoided the monsoon rains! Seeing pictures of the buffalo show….Man, that was brutal!
How is the relationship with other bands in the tour? Who are your favorites?
It is always interesting to me. It varies from year to year. We ended up hanging with Save Ferris and CKY most nights. But there were some young bands that were super cool too! Neck Deep are some English lads that are really fun dudes! 
Until today, which is the best concert you ever played?
That is the hardest question to answer ever. There are just too many. And the criteria can be different from show to show. Our first ever headline show at Manchester Academy in the UK…I think it was 2003…That HAS to rank up there! IT was total mayhem. Unlike we had seen as headliners before.


Drunk Dynasty is the title of your last album, lyrically speaking, which is your favorite song?

Another tough one! haha. I love the visuals in “Drinking Beer on a Sunday.” But, my favorite line is in “She Doesn’t Think that It’s Ever Gonna Work Out.”

“We shared a cab so we would not have to drive. So I’m responsible for her being alive.”

That one still makes me smile!!!


Can you tell us more about the song Catalyst?

Of course! Man, I had a pretty rough few years personally. Divorce, anxiety and depression (which led to weight gain), and a dose of other shit had me feeling pretty low. To top all of that off, I didn’t understand feeling the way I did, because I have always been the “happy” guy! 

I met my wife, Casey. She was there through all of it. Plus the aftermath. She is the reason (besides my kids of course…And dogs) that I smile every single day. She made me push myself into doing things I loved, that maybe I had stopped doing for others long ago. She is, indeed, The Catalyst.


If we are not wrong, this year you celebrate 23 years of career…. congratulations!

Which was the most difficult and happy moment you lived so far?

Yes. That is correct! 23 freakin years! 

The roughest patch was a few years back. My divorce, learning to only have my kids half the time and other bullshit,

Erik went through a divorce and his own personal battles, Gary and his wife started having children (which isn’t bad, it just became different for him…Especially traveling), and Chris’ dad was battling cancer. It was really a weird time. Never had we been in a situation where everything wasn’t just a blast all the time! 

So we took a little break. We stopped going over seas 2 times every year. And we adjusted the time we are gone to shorter stints, spread out more. 

One day we had left on a fly show and everything felt right again! We had made it through, what I feel, breaks up most bands before 23 years. 

And here we are…Going strong!

Happiest moment was likely the Grammy Nomination. It was the same day my daughter was born. And it was the start of “the hits.” Shit got good real quick!!


In the last you used crowdfunding to support your music, how important is in the development of today’s music business ?


Crowd funding is the future. Not just in music, but in tons of areas! 

We absolutely love the interaction we get with our fans during these projects. 

I know there is a negative element attached to the idea in some circles, but you have to look at it this way…

Everyone does a pre-sale…This is absolutely no different for the fan, EXCEPT that get way more content. Video updates, access to demos and more! 

I love it. I am already thinking about the next one!
Can you tell us about your new projects?
We have a few things on the horizon! One project in particular is something that NO ONE, at least in our genre, has EVER done! And I am STOKED!

We will start thinking about new music next year. 

But there is never a dull moment around here! Lots to come!

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