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What do you expect from this edition of Warped Tour?
I think this warped tour will bring great opportunity to all the artists and fans.
Are you planning something crazy on stage?
Well yes…Crazy isn’t the exact word…but I think my stage show will be awesome.
We will have a drummer. Dancers. Fireworks..Explosions..pyrotechnics…flying
Which of the verses of your songs is the most dear to you?
My song “we are different” ft. Murs from Awkward in a Good Way. I felt I came at
Among all the cities of Warped, which is the one that you like the most?
Growing holmdel PNC bank arts center – it was a dream of mine. Growing up in NJ, it was always a place we passed by.
What Warped means for your generation?
I think the fact that this is a chance to expose the ethics of hard work and DIY performance.
This is crucial for our youth to find the dopest music out, and it is our job to bring it to them as artists. Not only are we a role model, but we set the bar in dope music in our prospective fields.
There is no one like me on the tour, and it is because I feel I am the best at being ME. I think the warped kids also strive to be that.
The crowd will sing all your songs! which is your favorite one?
I think hangin’ out will be the go to song for us:). It is also gonna be on the warped compilation! very
excited about that, since it will move close to 100,000 copies.
After the Warped, what you are going to do?
Go right back to work. The iron will be hot! I also will go to Israel, Poland, and to Lake Tahoe. 
You will have a motorhome with you? are you planning any legendary after show party?
This year will be my first tour bus ever. 
Ideally there will be after parties , but I am going to be really focused on the tour. I am not the partying type, but that doesn’t I wont’ enjoy myself.
Hopefully I will get some great creative sessions with fellow artists. I think the fact that we are all so different will be awesome.
photo by Amelia Burns * Photography (taken from Facebook Profile)
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