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RYL: What does mean to you the release of your new album “Warrior Heart”?

YAEL MEYER(http://yaelmeyermusic.com): it is my third record, it has taken one year for the process of releasing the album , for me it is just a great feeling to have my music out there available for the people.

The most rewarding part of making music is when a song takes life on its own and become part of somebody’s else life

RYL: Among the new songs released is, “CARRY ON”…. What inspired its lyrics?

YAEL MEYER: Carry On is a song about changes; you cannot growth without them, these are inevitable. It is about closing old cycles and opening of new ones.

Sometimes changes can be difficult, especially if these happen all together at once…

This is a song about that, about transition, beginnings and endings accepting and letting go things that are part of our life, keep moving on and carry on ….opening ourselves to new experiences.

RYL: Is there a common meaning between all the songs of the album?

YAEL MEYER: I think that all the songs of the album talk about just life in general, about human emotions and about human reality of being alive: friendship, love, family, heartbreak, difficulties in life, death.

Is not one subject, it is various emotions, realities feeling that are all part of life

RYL: Do you remember the day you wrote “Yo Soy”?

YAEL MEYER: I usually write lyrics and music together, but Yo Soy came up differently.

While I was looking for some material for the new record, I found a poem that I written long time ago…I have almost forgotten I had it. YaelMeyer1

Once I read it I felt connected to it, I liked it very much! I grabbed then my guitar and I started singing it. The melody and the chords came together with the lyrics immediately…..it was a very strange experience, different than usual……it was really a song that was waiting for me.

RYL: how do you, usually, write the lyrics of your songs?

YAEL MEYER: Usually the lyrics, the melody and the chords are coming to me all together, but the lyrics they come in a mix of things that make sense or absolutely no sense.

When I’m writing I try to be very honest and very open and not to judge myself…

There are two separate parts of writing: one very creative and one related to the editing of the song. I would say that 70% of the lyrics are done with the creative part and the remaining 30% require me to sit for hours, days, months or even a year and play the song over and over again.

I really like to give the song sometime so I can process it and also take some distance from it and let the piece come to me in time.

RYL: Which is your most favorite song lyric?

YAEL MEYER: I don’t really know if I have a favorite song lyric

I believe that there are pieces of different songs I feel very connected to…. in “Carry On” there is a part that says “it’s hard to follow reason when the heart won’t bend”.

Sometimes we know that we should do something, our mind tells us, but the heart is saying something else, has its own beat…

RYL: And the best musical instrument you ever owned?

YAEL MEYER: I love play base, it is one of my favorite things to play even but I rarely get to play it…..I’m a fan of a lot different things so I can’t really say I have an absolute favourite 🙂

RYL: Will you be in tour soon? Which was the craziest show of your career?

YAEL MEYER: we are constantly in tour … now we will play few shows in US then Chile and next year Europe.

Lollapalooza in Chile was the greatest show I have ever played… very fun to be part of a big production like that

RYL: Tell us everything about “ Endless Kind Love?

YAEL MEYER: it is a song about the purity of the human condition in its original form.

Think about a baby that depends 100% on the kindness, on the care of other people…

I like to think that Every human being is born with a complete open heart and capability to love unconditionally…….as we grow older we get disappointed and we close our hearth , we start to mistrust and our heart starts to close.

This song is about new life, is about the endless kind of love that everybody is able to have since it comes from the moment we born.

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