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Tell us about your new album “Watching the world come undone”, how are you preparing its release?

We spent a year making this album, because we wanted it super strong from writing the first chords to finishing the recording. We pre-produced the album in the UK and once we were happy we sent them to our producer in LA.

Once we flew out to the US we spent the first 4/5 days going through the songs with a fine toothcomb and re-writing, editing or adding any other parts. So it was a very detailed process.


Is there any fun/unusual behind the scene you can share with us?


Our producer doesn’t drink alcohol so out of respect for him we did the same whilst out in the states, and that is unusual for us but at the same time it meant we were all focused on the goal in hand, and no-one had any “Off” hungover days.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


We usually start with a loose arrangement of a song, and some non-sensical words and melody in place, and we very quickly record roughly on a phone.

Then the lyrics kind of develop as we re-write, and add parts, melodies, and we form a stronger structure each time we play it.

Usually I have notebooks with ideas in to help but we started from complete scratch on this record, no crutches to fall back on.


Do you use writing as a form of therapy?


I think writing is very cathartic yes, but I wouldn’t go as far to say I use it as therapy but it’s certainly cheaper than a therapist.


How important is the political message in your songs?


I think songs are subjective, you as a listener take away from the song what you want, you may not listen to it for the intended message or whatever…. but I think it’s important to have an angle with each song, but I think people attach their own meanings so you can’t be too precious.


What is the most important lyric among the songs of the new album?


I think “The Awakening” has the strongest lyric message I guess, as it was written as we were entering the whole Brexit, Trump, New Alt Right movement… so it’s almost an observation that these things that were not good for the world were occurring and were actually waking people up to pay attention more to how their lives are being run by other people.

“They’re reigning over you, Cut through the sound disconnecting you.” for example.


What inspired Sirens?

“Sirens” carries the same message and vein as the album, the consequences of our own actions and reaching a point where all hope is lost, places everyone gets to.

This song is a song we rewrote in LA once we got there, the chorus and middle are completely different and the lyrics for the chorus I wrote on the morning of singing them at the studio.


You are currently in tour, how is it going? How is the reaction of the fans? 


The tour is great and it’s nice to be back on the road in a live environment.

We have been testing out 3 new tracks from the new album and they are getting a great reception so far, so we can’t wait to do more.


What is the craziest thing a fan did for you?


I don’t think we have had any crazy fans… although I don’t think this is crazy I think it’s awesome… on this tour in Nuremburg a “fan” had left a note on our tourbus windshield with a bag and t-shirt as a gift… the note went on to say how much our music had helped him and to keep going whatever.

I thought that was amazing and I’m glad it gave him a lift but it also gave us one too.


Do you remember the day you wrote “Collision Course”?


Yes roughly it was about halfway through the session but by that point they were all just named “Song 5” or “Song 7” or whatever, but like I mentioned before the 1st versions would’ve been very rough, with scratch lyrics.

Although, we didn’t tamper with that song too much as we developed the album.


You are celebrating 10 years as a band….. what was the best moment of your career?


We have been very lucky to have had many great moments so far, some that spring to mind though is touring with The Offspring which finished at a sold out London Apollo, touring with Rise Against and recording in the states 3 times.

I think our most fun show though was at The Markthalle in Hamburg with Zebrahead.


photography :Kris-Askey

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