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Jillette Johnson (http://www.jillettejohnson.com) released few months ago  her first album “Water in a Whale”; today she discussed with us  the meaning behind some of her most important songs.

RYL: “Water in a Whale” is your last album, released one year ago; why have you selected this title?

Jillette Johnson: It’s a lyric from the last song on the album, True North. It’s a metaphor for grappling with failure and also a symbol for my voice in the world… Two themes that are very prevalent in the whole album. 

RYL: “Torpedo” is one of the latest singles from the album, can you tell us which meaning the lyrics have for you?

Jillette Johnson: Torpedo is a song about resilience and about a fight for something worthy of whatever pain might accompany it. For me, that cause is my career and my place in the world as a musician. 

RYL: How do you write the lyrics of your songs? Which importance do you give to their true meaning?

Jillette Johnson: It’s a dance between left brain and right brain. They always start with my subconscious and then I sculpt and edit them into something intelligible.

RYL:  Which is your favorite song of all time? Why?

Jillette Johnson: Can’t pick one really. But I Think Its Going to Rain Today by Randy Newman breaks my heart. 

RYL:  Can you tell us the meaning behind the lyrics  of “True North?”

Jillette Johnson: True North is about an inner compass that helps you get back to center when the whims and chaos of the world around you tempt you to sway. 

RYL:  Are you currently writing new songs? What inspired the last verse you wrote?

Jillette Johnson: Always. The last verse I wrote came from missing my family. 

RYL: Where you will be in tour?

Jillette Johnson: All over the US. 

RYL: Why you wrote the song “Cameron”?

Jillette Johnson: Cameron is a story of a friend of mine. And I felt it needed to be told.

RYL: “Last Bus Out” is our favorite song, what happens in California’s weather? These lyrics are inspired by something that really happened to you?

Jillette Johnson: Thank you! Sure, I mean I’ve definitely felt compelled to stay in a cozy bed and not get back on the road. 

RYL: When a  new album?

Jillette Johnson: Possibly the end of summer of 2015. 

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