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Punk and Heavy Metal combined together with a voice that you can distinguish among others: SKIN.

Somebody created the word Clit-Rock to describe bands leaded by strong charismatic singers …definitively Skunk Anansie is one of them.

This is Skunk Anansie, a band from UK, that was formed in 1994 by Deborah Dyer (SKIN – vocals), Martin Ivor Kent (ACE – lead guitar), Richard Keith Lewis (CASS – bass guitar) and Mark Richardson (drummer).

Despite the fact that in 2001 Skin decided to leave the band in order to follow her projects of a single career, the band re-united again in 2009.

The last album of Skunk Anansie was released in September 2012 and is called “Black Traffic”

Their name is very special, it comes from Anansi that is the spider-man in the west-African tales and Skunk (that has several meanings) that made it sound punk.

The most important albums in the career of the band are: Paranoid and Sunburnt(1995), Stoosh (1996) and Post Orgasmic Chill (1999)

“Weak” is the fourth single released out of the album “Paranoid and Sunburnt”, in it the the most part of the lyrics talk about politics and religion.

But this song is different, it talks about “broken” love, where many tears were dropped…..but now no more…..she is much stronger than before….

weak skunk anansie

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