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World pop artist and producer, WNT-AL-N (pronounced Went All In) has released his second single, “Leave it on the Floor.”  The sequel to his debut release Way Out solidifies WNT-AL-N’s status as a truly unique artist carving out his own sonic space. This new single is sure to inspire and fill up dance floors around the globe. “Leave It On The Floor” is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide.
WNT-AL-N’s music is a reflection of the many cultures he has experienced in his young life. He’s traveled and lived throughout the world and as a result, became a human melting pot of music, fashion and dance. While having resided in cities including Hong Kong and Tokyo, he now splits his time between Singapore and Atlanta. When he’s not creating, he spends time working with the non-profit, Blue Dragon in Hanoi, an organization that assists children who are homeless, disabled or victims of slavery and human trafficking in Vietnam. His life mission is to spread positivity, empower people who are disadvantaged and inspire others whether that’s through charity work or his creative endeavors.

Leave it on the Floor”  combines elements of Caribbean pop, funk, reggae, hip hop, and even a hint of jazz in one globally influenced package. WNT-AL-N shared the tracks message of uninhibited fun by saying, “We all need an outlet from the stresses that society, family, finances, work etc. put on us. Picture a carefree childhood where you’re enjoying life to the fullest and you’re all about being in the moment. Growing up, music was my escape to a place where I could go all in. I think all we need is the ability to tap back into that as an adult. I always want my songs to have substance and tell my story even if it’s a turn-up record.
While “Leave it on the Floor” thoughtfully builds on the message of “Way Out” it also possesses what WNT-AL-N describes as that “knock” and epitomizes a “turn-up record.” This hit-factor is a result of a collaboration with his go-to creative team. Co- produced with the man behind the sound, The Art Teacher (Dr. Dre, DMX Ludacris), the new single also features the funky guitar work of Julio Miranda and lyrical input from Shemida J. To finish things off, legendary OutKast engineer John Frye mixed the final product and applied his signature polish.
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