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Worhol is a female fronted symphonic rock band out of Texas, but some mistake them for a European band because of their overall sound and appearance.

The band delivers a unique style of dark, theatrical, orchestral music that showcases Ashley Worhol’s dynamic mellifluous voice.

Worhol is taking 2018 head on with a plan to release their EP later this year.

“In life, we have a choice. We choose whether or not we allow our past to linger in our present and carry over into our future. ‘Is This What’s Left of Me’ is about individual growth and overcoming fears while transitioning into who we are meant to be.” – Ashley Worhol

Worhol formed in 2013 when lead singer Ashley Worhol and her father Larry Worhol decided they wanted to follow their dream together as a team.

Both having degrees in music and a classical background, they knew that they had the knowledge it would take in writing their style of music. Worhol’s music can be best described as symphonic and theatrical with Larry being the guitarist as well as the orchestral composer and Ashley being professionally trained.

Since Ashley and Larry are kin to Andy Warhol they decided to keep the band name in the family. Once Worhol was set they reached out and found the rest of the members of the band; Craig Malinowski (bassist) and Marty Naul (drummer).

Over 2013, the band produced their first music video and started writing compositions for their first album.

Over the next few years, they participated in several music festivals as well as touring throughout the south.

During that time-frame, the music video got attention when Houston Press announced it was ranked third out of the Houston area.

Houston Press awarded Worhol’s “The Darkness” as the #3 best music video out of Houston, TX for the year of 2014. The attention continued as they gave several radio interviews and appeared live on Great Day Houston with a musical performance.

All that attention led to the band signing with Imminence Records and setting the release for The Awakening Summer, 2017.


In addition, Ashley recently published a hybrid poetry/photography book called, “Perception” and a jewelry line.

She will be attending Comic Cons such as Wizard World and Days of the Dead on the following dates:

4/13-4/15: Wizard World- Portland, OR

5/18-5/20: Days of the Dead- Charlotte, NC

6/8-6/10: Wizard World- Columbus, OH

7/13-7/15: Wizard World- Boise, ID

8/3-8/5: Wizard World- Winston-Salem, NC

8/23-8/26: Wizard World- Chicago, IL

11/30-12/2: Wizard World- Madison, WI

Ashley’s jewelry line, Testament Designs, can be seen at the following location:


Worhol is:

Larry Worhol – Guitarist/Pianist, (Composer)

Ashley Worhol – Vocalist/Pianist, (Composer)

Craig Malinowski – Bassist/Visual Artist

Marty Naul- Drums

For More Information:





Instagram: @worholtheband



Twitter: @worholtheband


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