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How do you usually write lyrics?

Sometimes it starts as poetry. Sometimes it starts with a bunch of different phrases that pop into your head. Our best writing involves bouncing ideas off one another. When Dumbledore does that thing where he extracts the memories and thoughts and puts them into a little cauldron? We do that for one another. – Ben


Most important thing in songwriting?

Intention, at least that’s the short answer to something bigger. – Michael

Are you scared of revealing your personal life through songs to strangers?

To strangers, no. To reveal hidden parts of myself to those who think they know me very well, possibly. But, in order for the art to thrive, you need to be vulnerable. – Ben


Best/most meaningful lyric you’ve written.

Probably the bridge of “Heartbreak in a Box.”

‘And as the seasons change they said our love would fade just like the leaves in September. And in this endless rain our story stays the same, won’t you remember?’ – Ben


What inspired “DAVE”?

We were at school trying to film a video and we were angrily told that we’re a thorn in the side of the university. This encounter sort of summed up a general feeling of conflict between us as a band and a general “them” that doesn’t like us and what we represent, whether that’s music, freedom, diversity or just chaotic energy. – Christian


What inspired “Audrey Tell Me”?

Not sure, the idea of intrigue regarding a few things- a girl, a car, mortality, buried subconscious desire. And Prince of course. – Michael

Do you remember the day you wrote “Sugar”?

It was snowing out and we were all chilling inside playing. We started grooving on this one idea. Kamau started singing some line about “take all the pie you want.” We revisited the idea that summer, and “Sugar” came together pretty quickly. It was the most collaboratively written Juice song to date. – Rami


What is the best suggestion a producer gave you?

Capturing energy and emotion is more important than accuracy. – Ben

Listen to Stewart Copeland. – Miles


Plans for 2019?

Same as it ever was, international superstardom. – Daniel


  • One word to describe ‘Workin’ on Lovin”: Growth – Michael.
  • Best show you ever played: Wilmington, NC – everyone.
  • One thing you must have backstage: Peace of Mind – Christian.
  • Soundtrack of your childhood: American Idiot – everyone.
  • Favorite song you didn’t write from a lyric standpoint: “Both Sides Now” – Joni Mitchell – Michael.
  • Relationship advice: Be nice to your girlfriend – Daniel.
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