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In a grim world, a trio of men donning feathered hats, paisley suits, braces & boots have just descended upon a ​curious l​andmark called London Town.

Acquainting​ you are Joe, Alex & Freddy – aka ​Superbird​: a fun-loving, pop-funk power trio ​gifted​ for those who wear their guilty pleasures proudly on their sleeves.

Conceptually a cross-pollination of songsmiths: Joe Fin ​(Lead Vocals, Guitar)​ & Alex Ash ​(Drummer, Vocals)​ – stylistically brought to life with Freddy Sidero ​(Bassist, Vocals)​ – ​Superbird​ casually fuse together genres in a similar vein to that of Prince, Bowie & Queen.

Concocted in a starry eye dream unto a world that takes itself way too seriously, this tuneful tonic raises a toast to a new era of music; whilst adventuring into an 80’s guitar-pop fantasy rooted with funk n’ roll origins.

A band of genuine peacocks​ re-defining the term ‘flamboyancy’ with a red-hot live show, entailing wild frontman Joe’s soaring vocal-range and signature leg-kick, enhanced by Alex’s melodic & rhythmical disciplinary – ​accomplished​ by the bands “​not-so-secret” ​weapon of funk Freddy.

Superbird ​will make you happy.

Year On String Along’’ is the band’s new single released on March 8th – a song inspired by that weird little part in a relationship where you think to yoursel​f, “Is this thing serious now… or no​t?” adds a new element to the band’s concept, furtherly igniting the spark of ​Superbirds’ ​explosion on to the scene of 2019.

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