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Last time we saw Coldplay it was one year ago, they came to celebrate New Year’s in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates

The place was packed! The crowd was screaming and wild, our ticket allowed us to reach almost the stage………… front row attitude as always 🙂 .

Coldplay is a group that has its origin in London in 1996 by the vocalist Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland (guitarist) later joined by Guy Berryman (bassist) and Will Champion (drummer).

The band went through several changes of name before the official release of their first album “Safety” in 1998.

The name Coldplay apparently came from a young student that had a band called with that name and suggested it to the band.

We are in the post Brit-Pop rock; their music is a mix of it with some influences of the new alternative music from UK.

Their first success came in 1999 with the album “Parachutes” that, as of now, sold over 10.000.000 copies worldwide.

Yellow is the second single released out of this album in 2000 and its lyrics are dedicated to Chris Martin’s girlfriend.

It all became when, during a recording session held nighttime, Martin asked the band to step outside and “look at the stars”……it seemed the perfect phrase to start writing a song……..and they did it!

But, what about the title? The band didn’t know how to call the song……….legend says that Chris looked at the table next to the console and he found a Yellow Pages book!

So he thought: we should call the song YELLOW!

Very weird idea, but it worked! Yellow launched the band in the Rock Stars galaxy and , from that moment, they had been very successful.

The last album of Coldplay was released in 2011 and it is called “Mylo Xyloto”………. a rock opera that is titled with the name of the two protagonists.


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