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Congratulations for your debut album “Yours”, how was its preparation? Are you satisfied about the result you obtained?
Thank you so much! Yes, I am beyond thrilled with how this album came out. I got to be very hands on with making this record and Casey, my producer, did an absolutely incredible job at bringing this album to life!
how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?
Its always different. Sometimes lyrics inspire a melody, like when writing “Yours” or “MGNO”, and then other times a melody inspires a lyric like in “Every Little Thing.” I started whistling that melody and that became the hook and melody for the verse.
is there a song that has a particular meaning for you? 
Yes, ‘Yours’ really is a special song because it is very honest about how I handled relationships before I met my wife and then how she made me better than I was before.
tell us more about the song Blue Tacoma… 
It started out as a hypothetical song about taking a road trip down the coast of California. But I had never actually done that.
Until my wife and I got to stay in California for a month and actually drive the coast and take in all the glory.
So I came back totally inspired and we changed a bunch of lyrics like adding “pull it over to the shoulder to take it in and pull you closer” because you literally have to stop to take it in or you’ll crash. (HAHA!) I think it turned into something really, really special.
which is your favourite all time song lyrically speaking?
I’m really proud of the imagery in ‘Yours.’ The pictures it paints, I think it’s really beautiful.
and the favourite song you ever wrote? 
Haha, again I’d say ‘Yours’. It really is just my favourite, most special song I’ve ever been a part of.
are you planning a tour? 
Always! We’re currently out on tour with Florida Georgia Line and are planning on a big 2018 full of touring!
do you remember the day you wrote “Every Little Thing”? 
Absolutely. I remember being super excited about what we ended up with and knew that it was going to be a big song that lots of people could connect with!
Yours is also the title of one of your songs, you recently released its video and have had impressive success in terms of views! What inspired its lyrics?
My beautiful wife. I had the song idea simply titled ‘Yours.’ “I was this before you… I was this… but now, I’m Yours.” And fun fact my wife is the one who directed, shot and edited my entire music video. She is the real rockstar!

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