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Zoon or Zoongide’ewin, is the powerful musical expression of Daniel Monkman and his magnificent debut albumBleached Wavves, has just been officially short listed for the 2021 Polaris Music Prize.

Bleached Wavves is an autobiographical journey. A testament to Daniel’s patience and perseverance, along with his ability to reverse engineer with minimal gear (his guitar and a digital delay pedal) and record at his home, the intricate sounds and layers of music texture he was imaging in his head. The soundscapes he shaped largely from his deep love of Shoegaze (notably My Bloody Valentine) merged with his Ojibway heritage and upbringing. It became one of the most critically acclaimed and internationally celebrated debuts of 2020.

Daniel has constantly faced an uphill battle. In his teens he was victimized for his First Nations heritage, which led to him abusing drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. His best friend died of an overdose; Daniel nearly followed him on multiple occasions. But with the spiritual guidance he learned from 12-step therapy, Monkman got clean and began to follow a passion for music he discovered from a young age growing up within the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation.

1. Clouded Formation
2. Vibrant Colours
3. Was & Always Will Be
4. Bleached Wavves
5. BrokenHead
6. A Perfect Sunset, Ahead
7. Light Prism
8. Infinite Horizons
9. Landscapes
10. Help Me Understand


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