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It is 1983 , is the same year of the launch of Internet, Toto Four launched Toto Disco and also is the year of ZZ TOP.

ZZ Top is a group funded by 3 persons, with a strange look, like they were bandits from the far west

Actually the cool part is that they born from two competing band from Huston, Texas

Their names are: Billy Gibbons ( guitar and vocals), Dusty Hill (base guitar and vocals) and Frank Beard (percussions)

In the 1970 they wrote the first album and , 13 years late, the album “Elimitator” is out and it sells in one year 10 millions copies

Is the album where the ZZ TOP are showing themselves with 3 hot girls and a flaming red car.

The lyrics of “LEGS” where criticized a lot due to their “attitude” towards women.

In any case it remains one of the main legendary songs of the ZZ TOP


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